Ubadire Ike

Lead, West Africa Programs
Freetown, Sierra Leone

Ubadire started his journey in the education sector as a classroom teacher in Lagos, Nigeria. His passion for supporting teachers in finding new ways that lead to desirable outcomes led him to join Bridge Academics in 2017 as a teacher trainer serving low- income communities. He became a Regional Manager in 2019, leading school support programs across 130 schools in the EDOBEST program in Edo State in Nigeria. He was part of the team that led the implementation of Teaching at the Right Level (TaRL) in the state. He became a Senior Regional Manager in 2021, leading all aspects of learning outcomes, school management, World bank projects, community and parent engagement across 848 primary schools. Having worked at NewGlobe and Bridge Academies in Nigeria, Ubadire has over 10 years of experience in improving learning outcomes, teacher training, people management, coaching and mentoring. Ubadire is excited about operationalizing the relationships and support with Kizazi partners based in West Africa.