We partner with high-potential local organizations and social entrepreneurs who share a common purpose and commitment to collaboration. We are currently working with 4 partners across three geographies

Our partners

Simple Education Foundation

Simple Education Foundation (SEF) is a not-for-profit organization based out of Delhi. SEF implements a whole-school transformation program called Centres of Excellence, under which SEF partners with government schools and works with their existing teachers, principals, and communities to improve holistic learning outcomes.

Since 2018 Kizazi has been working with SEF and the Delhi government to develop, test and codify the whole-school transformation model. Our work in India with SEF has consistently delivered promising outcomes through the years – before the pandemic in 2019, proficiency in Maths (76%) and Language (70%) in SEF’s Centre of Excellence Schools has been 3 times higher as compared to other government schools. During the pandemic in 2020-21, despite almost two years of school closures, students through the remote learning program gained more than 50% proficiency in life skills as well as academics. A recent 3rd party evaluation of the model in 2021-22 established a promising impact on teacher practices and mindsets.

Together we have also expanded our reach; SEF is now working with the Government of Delhi to apply learnings from the SEF school model to strengthen the state’s in-service training for all 80,000+ teachers in Delhi. Additionally, we have expanded the core program to now be working in a total of 10 Centre of Excellence schools across the states of Delhi and Uttarakhand.
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Seroond Schools

Together with our partner Teach For Armenia, we developed the Seroond Schools model to reimagine government schools across the country and successfully launched the program in the first school in September 2020. Within just one year of launch, the student enrolment doubled from 47 to 105 students. Students achieved an average growth of 25% in Maths, 15% in literacy, and 30% in life skills from beginning to end of academic year. By taking social and emotional learning into children’s homes and new approaches to bring caregivers into school, Seroond is showing us what’s really possible.

The Seroond network has now expanded to include three more schools. In March 2022, an official order from the Ministry of Education recommended the implementation of the Seroond model in public schools across Armenia. Learn more >

National Youth Awareness Forum (NYAF)

National Youth Awareness Forum (NYAF) is a leading local NGO in Sierra Leone that supports government and community schools in some of the most disadvantaged regions in the country. Under the government’s education innovation challenges, they are currently working with 97 primary schools to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Kizazi is working with NYAF to strengthen and implement their community rooted school model in all their schools across the country. In the state-sponsored midline in 2021, students attending the 30 NYAF supported schools outperformed students in control group schools in literacy and numeracy. Our partnership has also been selected to work in 67 more schools as part of the largest at-scale program in the country with UNICEF’s Education Outcomes Fund and national government.

African Leadership Academy (ALA)

At Kizazi, we want to catalyse innovations in school design across the world. With that vision, using our learnings from our core programs we launched the Kizazi School Model Design program, a cohort-based accelerator, to build the capacity of high-potential school operators to strengthen and codify their school models. In 2020, we partnered with the African Leadership Academy (ALA) to launch the first cohort with five school operators across Nigeria, Senegal, Burundi, Egypt, and DRC together supporting ~2,000 children.

After its successful completion, we have now launched our second cohort with ALA to support school operators from Uganda, Malawi, Kenya, Zimbabwe, and Botswana supporting 3,500 children – majority of them running low-cost private schools and some in very challenging contexts.
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We partner with local non-profit organizations and governments, implementing high-potential school models in under-resourced regions of the world.

We are actively seeking visionary local partners seeking to transform government schools in Asia, Africa and other high-need communities in the world.

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