We partner with high-potential local organizations and social entrepreneurs who share a common purpose and commitment to collaboration. We are currently working with 5 partners across three geographies

Our partners

Simple Education Foundation

Simple Education Foundation (SEF) is a not-for-profit organization based out of Delhi. SEF implements a ‘Whole School Transformation’ model to empower all key stakeholders to lead the change for their school communities. Under this model, SEF operates four government partnership schools in Delhi impacting 1,000+ children from low-income backgrounds.

Kizazi began supporting SEF in 2019 to build their capacity in four key areas – defining student vision & outcomes, design and codification of the simple school model, developing systems for evaluation of holistic outcomes, and defining the organization’s growth strategy. Having supported the SEF team in 2019 to articulate and institutionalize their purpose of education, student vision, and outcomes, we are now continuing to partner to develop, implement and codify simple school practices to transform learning outcomes across all their schools and grades.
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Seroond Schools

Teach For Armenia (TFA) in collaboration with Kizazi is setting up Seroond Schools, a one of its kind project in Armenia to operate a government partnership innovation school and develop breakthrough solutions for the nation. Kizazi is working with the Seroond team to build their capacity to develop, implement and scale their school model.

The project will be launched by partnering with the Tavush government and operating one government school in the province under the partnership model starting September 2020. Tavush, being a border state, has a complex history of conflict which has had an adverse impact on all aspects of the society resulting in children experiencing socio-emotional distress and attaining lower learning levels. Seroond is hence developing a school model which enables children to thrive across all areas of their life. In subsequent years Seroond intends to partner with other regional governments and the central government to scale their model and learnings.
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National Youth Awareness Forum (NYAF)

National Youth Awareness Forum (NYAF) is a leading local NGO in Sierra Leone that supports government and community schools in some of the most disadvantaged regions in the country. Under the government’s Education Innovation Challenge (EIC), they are currently working with 30 primary schools to improve literacy and numeracy outcomes.

Kizazi is working with NYAF to clarify their vision and outcomes, strengthen program design, and set the required organizational systems in place.

Education Reform and Innovation Team (ERIT)

ERIT is a dynamic consortium of leaders in education from all backgrounds – non-profit, corporate and philanthropic – who want to make a positive impact in Nigeria’s education. ERIT works with governments to design and implement innovations by mobilizing its vast and experienced group of education leaders to solve the system’s biggest challenges.

ERIT in collaboration with Kizazi is partnering with the Lagos state government to launch a new program to transform a network of secondary schools in the region and in the process develop a scalable model for the entire country. The program will be launched in 2021 starting with developing and implementing an innovative school model in 10 schools in the state.
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African Leadership Academy (ALA)

Kizazi and the African Leadership Academy (ALA) are collaborating to support ALA’s Anzisha program. The Anzisha Education Accelerator is a leadership development program aimed to help develop educational entrepreneurs, as leaders in education on the continent, and bring them closer to fulfilling their visions for their schools and education in their regions.

We are working with a cohort of five school operators across Nigeria, Senegal, Burundi, Egypt, and DRC to build their capacity to identify, implement, and refine best school practices while codifying the school approach to enable sustainability and scale.
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Join our network of school operators

We partner with local non-profit organizations implementing high-potential school models in under-resourced regions of the world.

We are excited to work with social entrepreneurs who are in early phases of their work, as well those already operating outstanding schools but looking for support to strengthen and scale their school model. We are actively seeking visionary school partners operating government, charter and low-cost private schools in Asia, Africa and other high-need communities in the world.

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