The challenge

Millions of children around the world today do not have the opportunity to attend a school that meets their needs.

One in five children globally are not in school

Three in five eleven year olds cannot read or handle basic maths

Millions more children lack the knowledge, skills and values needed to thrive in the 21st century

Source: 1. UIS Fact Sheet No. 48, UNESCO 2018; 2. UIS Fact Sheet No. 46, UNESCO 2018

Our purpose

Kizazi means ‘generation’ in Swahili. We exist to ensure that this generation of children are empowered by education to thrive, wherever in the world they grow up. 

We work with local partners to develop, implement, and spread breakthrough school models in under-resourced communities around the world.

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Our approach

We support local education leaders to design and implement breakthrough school models appropriate to local needs.

Through partnerships between NGOs and Government, we are able to reach many more schools, benefiting many more children.

Through this work we will develop and share knowledge about what really works to build great schools.

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Our partners

We partner with high-potential local organizations and social entrepreneurs who share a common purpose and commitment to collaboration. We are currently working with 4 partners across three geographies.

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Our impact

Our Impact

Our Impact Two

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Our Impact

Our Impact One

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